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Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

I'm not only posting this because of the remake that's coming out, that stars The Sex as the Gene Wilder role, but I just feel like posting these quotes. I really like them. The movie kind of weirds me out a litte. Especially the part where they're in the boat and they're going down the tunnel and there are all those images on the walls. That was weird. And for some reason, when Augustus Gloop went up the tube, literally and down the tubes figurativly, that also freaked me out. On a totally unrelated note, when the Queen in Snow White turned into the ugly old lately, that freaked me out too. As you can see, I get freaked out easily.
So here are my favorite quotes from the movie. (I got them from here)

Willy Wonka: Don't you know what this is?
Violet Beauregarde: By gum, it's gum.
Willy Wonka: Wrong. It's the most fabulous sensational gum in the whole world.
Violet Beauregarde: What's so fab about it?
Willy Wonka: This little piece of gum is a three course dinner.
Mr. Salt: Bull.
Willy Wonka: No, roast beef. But I haven't got it quite right yet.

Willy Wonka: Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.
Mrs. Teevee: That's 105 percent.

[Noticing signs on vats]
Mr. Salt: Wonka. Butterscotch? Buttergin? You running something on the side here?
Willy Wonka: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

Sam Beauregarde: What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Willy Wonka: Why? Are you having fun?

Veruca Salt: Snozzberry? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?
Willy Wonka: [grabs Veruca's chin] We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

Willy Wonka: There's no earthly way of knowing / Which direction we are going / There's no knowing where we're rowing / Or which way the river's flowing / Is it raining? / Is it snowing? / Is a hurricane a-blowing? / Not a speck of light is showing / So the danger must be growing / Are the fires of hell a-glowing? / Is the grisly reaper mowing? / Yes, the danger must be growing / 'Cause the rowers keep on rowing / And they're certainly not showing / Any signs that they are slowing.
(maybe my favorite quote)

Charlie Bucket: What was that we just went through?
Willy Wonka: Hsawaknow.
Mrs. Teevee: Is that Japanese?
Willy Wonka: No, that's Wonkawash spelled backwards

Willy Wonka: Meine Herrschaften, schenken Sie mir ihre aufmerksamkeit
[My friends (masters), please give me your attention]
Willy Wonka: Sie kommen jetzt in den interessantesten und gleichzeitig geheimsten raum meiner fabrik.
[You have now come to the most interesting and, at the same time, the most secret room of my factory]
Willy Wonka: Meine Damen und Herren, der Inventing Room
[Ladies and Gentlemen, The Inventing Room]

Willy Wonka: . Now remember, no messing about. No touching, no tasting, no telling.
Grandpa Joe: No telling what?

Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he he always wanted.
Charlie Bucket: What happened?
Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.

I so have to rent this movie and watch it. :D
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