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the above is kind of right. Scary. lol.

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(no subject)

This might the only entry I write for today because my internet keeps dropping out on me everytime I try to get onto livejournal.
Mint tea is the best tea. I hate drinking tea straight though. I have to have at least some kind of sweetner in it. I just can't do it. I mean, I can, but I don't like to. Mint smells so good and it taste good and it smells like toothpaste.
I actually like brushing my teeth. Granted, sometimes I don't do it at night because I'm so tired and all I do is put in my retainers and go to bed, but I feel bad later. I love the way my teeth feel after I brush them. All slick and smooth.
I had a free first period, so I took my time this morning. I didn't sleep well at all. It's kind of ironic because last night, Martin was telling me how he didn't sleep well the night before and he kept waking up every 15 mins, and that's what happened to me last night.
I was a little late this morning, but it didn't matter. I had to do my french homework because I didn't feel like doing it last night. I did most of it, but i had to finish the rest of it the first few minutes before english.
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In french, we got back these things we wrote about a room. I got a 7.5/10. I was kind of dissapointed because I used all the vocabulary that I could apply to my room. I didn't know that she wanted us to say what wasn't there as well and where pieces of furniture was. She's having everyone re-write it and include more vocabulary. I guess I don't mind because it's a chance to improve what I wrote.
After lunch, me, Zoe and Maude stayed in the caf. after we finished lunch. I'm glad that Zoe stayed after she finished because usually she finishes before I do and leaves and then I can't find her. She sat back down after she finished and she was going through Maude's magazine because she saw Kurt Cobain. She was going through the whole like, 6-7 pages on Nirvana, until she turned the page and I saw Morrissey. Zoe doesn't like Morrissey. She'll barely give him a chance. She heard like, one song and she decided she didn't like him. I read out loud this thing he said, dissing Bush, which I thought was pretty good and Zoe's like, "I still don't like him." The only reason I've gotten is because his music sounds like elevator music. Wtf?
During chem, we did a lab and Garron was in my group. I wasn't super glad that he was, seeing how he was in my group last time we did a lab and he was so annoying because he was in my group with this other guy, Collapse ) and these two guys didn't help at all. They totally held us back and they couldn't stop fooling around and actually be serious. And then the only girl in my group that was actually taking charge and knew what she doing, wasn't doing anything to stop them. But this time, since this lab was mostly independent, he was fine. I was happy.
During Civ. we were talking about Athens and Sparta. Alex was next to me and we were talking about who Sparta got the ideas for their government. I could've sworn that Alex said Solomon. Except, that was the answer for who the Athen people got their ideas from. Then he said it and everyone was like, what?! and I said Solomon, because I was so sure that's what he said, but he said Solon and then I felt really bad and really embaressed. And yeah. And I don't get embaressed easily.
The only other thing i have to say, is that Antics by Interpol is an awesome album. It sounds like a very depressed Modest Mouse.

"the trouble is you're in love with someone else. It should be me"

- r X m
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yay! It's like, I'm in 3rd grade again!

Last night, or a few nights ago, actually, last week, I was talking to Zoe about he cds that I wanted to get. And I told her one of them was Death Cab For Cutie and she said that she had it and would let me borrow it. Then I found the music video for Penny & Me by Hanson and I told Alison about it and she let me borrow her Hanson cd. Which is what I'm listening to now! Gosh. Middle Of Nowhere was one of the first cds I ever got. And they' My gosh. There was a DVD that came with the CD, Underneath and I was showing my mom Hanson and she's like, I like (Isaac) the best. I think Taylor is the cutest, but she was saying that he needs to like, eat a muffin and put on a few pounds. And Zach is just adorable.

I just did this again. Take the wrapper from a stick of Big Red gum. Lick the wrapper, not the whole thing, and then press it to your forehead for awhile until your forehead feels like it's burning. I promise it doesn't hurt that bad. It's so cool!

- r X m
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In The Night - Elizabeth Jennings

Out of my window late at night I gape
And see the stars but do not watch them really,
And hear the trains but do not listen clearly;
Inside my mind I turn about to keep
Myself awake, yet am not there entirely;
Something of me is out in the dark landscape.

How much am I then what I think, how much what I feel,
How much the eye that seems to keep stars straight?
Do I control what I can contemplate
Or is it my vision that's amenable?
I turn in my mind; my mind is a rool whose wall
I can see the top of but never completly scale.

All that I love is, like the night, outside,
Good to be gazed at, looking as if it could
With a simple gesture be brought inside my head,
Or in my heart, but my thoughts about it divide
Me from my object. Now deep in my bed,
I turn and the world turns on the other side
- Elizabeth Jennings

- r X m
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still in school

Not too much is going on now. I'm still at school. I was so bummed this morning when my mom woke me up at like, 7ish. I wanted today to be a snow day so bad. We were the only school in NJ that didn't have a snow day or a delayed open. How much does that suck?
A bunch of people were out anyway. I got to chem and at least 5 people were missing. 5 were missing from my geo. class second to last period. I told you. I knew that even if we didn't have a snow day, that people would just stay home anyway.
When I got to English, everyone was there already. The only open seat was next to this kid that was visiting. I swear, he looked so much like this kid that's in my grade and Tom Felton. If you looked at this kid from the back of the head, you wouldn't be able to tell him apart from this other kid. Exact same hair color and they even had bad acne like each other.
Today it seems like people are against me. Like, I went up to Zoe to tell her something and then my other friend Lissa was telling me how she dissed this girl and I didn't get it and Zoe and Lissa and Faye were saying how slow I am that I didn't get it. And then I told Zoe abouto what today was and she told me that I should just break up with him, but I won't because I do like him, even though I seem to complain about him and whatever. But still. And then I told Alyssa what today is and she was like, that's stupid. IT's like, dude! wtf?
So yeah, now I'm going to see what books of Edgar Allen Poe my school has. I'll write when I get home or so.

- r X m
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I promise this my last post until tomorrow

Work by Jimmy Eat World is a really good song. F. The whole new album is really good. And so is Antics. I'm so glad I got it. I was thinking about getting Modest Mouse instead, but I'm glad I got Antics. It's so good. But yeah. Work. Sleep. Shit.

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tomorrow, well, tech today

I was just thinking about this. I actually figured this out when I was trying to sleep while my mom got my pjs ready, but that's another story. Monday is tech. me and Matt's 1 month anniversairy...however the hell you spell that. It shouldn't sound so weird to me, but it does. I can't really get over it. And I feel weird posting this, but another month, and I'll have someone for valentine's day for the first time in 3 years. Because face it, wether you'll admit it or not, it's a sucky holiday to be alone for. Even if it is one of the most commercial holidays and everyone knows that it's a holiday that the card companies and the candy companies came up with. But it's a holiday where it seems like everyone is making a fuss over it, even if everyone is only the media and all the sales going on and how cvs already has cards out a few weeks after christmas. I'm done. I should get sleep, but I'm not tired. I'm going to regret this in the morning. When I do go to bed, I'm wearing my pjs and I'm going to do some kind of dance because I really don't want to go to school tomorrow.

- r X m
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(no subject)

je lirai mon livre maintenant parce que je veux lire aujourd'hui et je n'ai pas pu m'arracher de mon ordinateur, donc, je irai et lit maintenant. Bonne soir et à demain

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that was fun

- r X m
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(no subject)

(8:33:01 PM): same to ya
(8:33:12 PM): and ur pretty no matter what

I don't think it's possible for him to be any sweeter.
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