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"here they come with ringing ears-the social misfits"

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Come Sail Away
2 January

♣ Morrissey and Johnny Depp = The Sex. I don't care how old they are
♣ I love ballroom dancing
♣ I like a pretty wide spectrum of music. The weirder, more different, the more I like it.
♣ I don't like Jersey accents
♣ I think too much
♣ I don't and never will understand football
♣ I love standing in the rain and feeling it hit my face
♣ Guys confuse me
♣ I think I look in the mirror too much
♣ I hate hypocrites
♣ I hate when people complain and don't do anything about it
♣ I spend far too much time on the computer
♣ My cell phone is old fashioned black with a black and green screen and I like it perfectly fine
♣ I want to do something in photography when I get older.
♣ It bothers me when people haven't heard of old, classic movies (North By Northwest, Some Like It Hot, Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, etc)
♣ I ♥ Cary Grant & Gregory Peck.
♣ My favorite movie is Never Been Kissed, but I don't openly say so.
♣ J'aime le langue français.
♣ I overthink and overanalyze everything.
♣ I enjoy thinking about what on earth my dreams could possibly mean, which explains the post retelling my dreams.
♣ I wish I could ballroom dance.
♣ The future scares me.
♣ I guess I'm a post-pyromaniac. I think the charred remains after a fire is really kind of awe-inspriring.
♣ I wish I was Scottish just because the country is so beautiful.
♣ I miss being little.
&clubs: Smart people are very appealing to me.
&clubs: Guys + glasses = hot.
&clubs: White unmarked vans scare me.
&clubs: I'm obsessed with what people think of me.
&clubs: I always think that everyone hates me.
&clubs: They can make phones that play music, take pictures, check email, and download whatever, but they can't make one that vibrates silently.

"With your standards so high, and your spirits so low, at least remember, this is your on a bad day, you on a pale day."

"I am now a central part of your mind's landscape, whether you care or do not"

"Where is the man you respect and where is the woman you love?"

"There are some bad people on the rise. They're saving their own skins by ruining other peoples lives."

"Such things I do just to make myself more attractive to you. Have I failed?"

"The choice I have made may seem strange to you, but who asked you, anyway?"

"And is evil just something you are? Or something you do?"

"That makes me a sad panda"

[making a diagram of global warming damage] Everyone below this line needs to be evacuated. Everyone above this line is already dead. We're stuck here in the middle. These states might be okay, they're balmy. New York is gonna have huge tidal waves that affect this whole area.
[someone giggles]
[looks at the board and realized his diagram looks like a penis]
Oh, godammit! Godammit!
[erases it]

"Stan, are you paying attention?
Yes, Mr. Garrison.
Well then, Stanley, what did I just say?
[pause] Um, you said that even though Charo appeared 12 times on the Love Boat, the episode with Captain and Tennille got higher ratings.
Well, okay, I suppose you were paying attention.
[whispers] Good guess dude.
[whispers] Phew.

"All right, look. I didn't want to have to say this, but i think maybe we're not seeing heaven is because one of us doesn't believe in it enough.
Heaven could be like the pixie fairies of bubblegum forrest. you only see them if you really believe it them.
You know, maybe where not seeing heaven because one of us is a J-O-O?
What does me being a jew have to do with anything?

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“ ’Doki-Doki’is a Japanese onomatopoeia that refers to the sound of the heart beating. In slang popular with young women, it has come to mean a heightened state of anticipation or excitement, especially concerning the ‘butterflies’ in a girl's stomach when she's near a boy she has a crush on.” —Director Chris Eska

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